Thursday, 25 September 2014

The Underground Sneaks

hello everyone! i am going for a short getaway and before i am off to hit the beach, i thought i'll drop in to share some sneaks for studio calico's october kits - the underground!

this is a sneak of my main kit only layout. the colors of the main kit definitely reminds me of autumn! even though its summer all year round in singapore, i am loving these fall colours! and they work especially well with the lovely leaf cut files designed by hello forever! 

another main kit only sneak. mist + silkscreen = magic...

i think i found my favourite stamp in piccadilly! used the main kit + add on 1 (piccadilly) + add on 2 (notting hill) here... the crate paper sticker sheet in add on 2 is so sweet!

loving watercolor backgrounds now! used add on 1 (piccadilly) + add on 2 (notting hill) + add on 3 (king's cross)...

i hope these sneaks will give you an idea of what to look out for in the upcoming kits and help you decide what to get during reveal! thanks for dropping by and see you soon!


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