Saturday, 1 March 2014

A Closer Look - Silhouette Sketch Pens

hello! i'm back to share how i used silhouette sketch pens in 2 of my layouts with this month's kit - office hours.

i used the gold pen from the metallic pack here.

i used the black pen from the glitter pack here.

here we go...

first, i opened the cut file by paige evans in silhouette studio. 

to get the silhouette cameo to start sketching, i made sure i had the following cut settings:
1. select silhouette sketch pen under media
2. ensure that speed is set as 10 and thickness is set as 18
3. select sketch pen under blade adjustment

next remember to change your blade to a sketch pen before you start. 

after about 10 mins of drawing on white cardstock, i had this beautiful background paper.

a good range of silhouette sketch pens can be found in the studio calico shop and if you would like to use your own pens for sketching, you can do so with a silhouette pen holder

i hope this simple tutorial will help you start your first sketch. thanks for dropping by!


  1. These layouts are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! I have all the Sketch pens and have not used them yet! I must remedy this. SOON! LOL. Thank you!

    1. Hello! Glad this post has reminded you of your sketch pens! They are awesome and very addictive once you have tried them! Enjoy!